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Latest Offerings:  

Sensory Storytime:  

Interactive Sensory Storytelling for young students with ASD.  Based on children’s literature and picture books.  Experienced teachers take the students through warm up exercises and communication activities that get them acting and reacting to literature.

Yellow Finch Theater Games:

Theater games and explorations to developed creativity and body knowledge.  Through mime and mimic the students explore topics which highlight classroom curriculum. 


Helping kids develop and act out their own simple stories using sensory experiences and objects to prompt their thinking.

NEW: Shakespeare for Teens

A new Shakespeare class is available for teenaged thespians. We spend the first few weeks playing theater games using themes from Shakespeare's plays. Then, every student is given a short Shakespeare line to understand, develop and discuss and develop empathy with the character. Next, the class is given a task: to create a short, original play for a royal wedding, just as The Rude Mechanicals do in "A Midsummer Nights Dream." The teens create their own plot, setting, characters and lines, and incorporate teamwork and creativity to produce their own work.